Unquenchable love, unquenchable passion for work, endless hours of work in order to achieve the expected result, creativity and innovation! Indicatively, these words reflect the groundbreaking energy and action of the English employment company Gordon Charles to enrich the services it offers to employers and employees of the world labour market and to provide them with groundbreaking means and methods, that will motivate them to adopt the company’s motto of “bringing people together”.
In particular, as revealed in an interview with the Business Travel blog by the head of the innovative initiative, Associate Director of Gordon Charles, Mrs. Maria Davies, << in October 2020, the new project called the Gordon Charles Alchemists was launched. This is a global first in the job market as after thorough research I performed to find out if there is something similar globally, I was very happy to conclude that Gordon Charles Alchemists is the only tool which enables all those interested to be a part of the global job market to enrich and support their offering with a personal two- to three-minute video in order to “sell themselves” or their business.
Without hiding her enthusiasm for this global originality in the global labor market, she meaningfully points out that “the creators of the short videos (2-3 minutes), that play a supportive role in terms of both labour demand and supply, is either the Owner – General Manager – Managing Director of the company who is looking for staff, or the employee that is seeking for a job. In essence, Gordon Charles Alchemists aims to act as a liaison between employers and employees and seeks, as our motto urges in “bringing people together”.
The Mastermind of this groundbreaking initiative and action of Gordon Charles does not hesitate to clarify the reason that motivated her to implement this idea. Specifically, as Mrs. Davies reveals, “I inherited from my grandmother the gift of seeing dreams that then come true in real life. However, for the first time it started, two years ago, to see a repeated dream in which I did not pay much attention. But the fourth time I saw it, I came to the conclusion that it was not something accidental but a sign from the universe that shows me, urges me, guides me to a new professional path.
This is because I saw that I was in front of a computer screen where I was looking at a job platform, it was something like an online guide similar to Yellow Pages with ads for looking for a job and on each advert there was an extra facility where the employer, the recruiter and the job-seeker could attach a short video, presenting their business or themselves respectively.
After extensive and thorough research, she realised that nowhere in the world could you could find this “extra service” in the international job market and << although in the repeated dream there were adverts only for the hospitality and the wellness sectors, I decided that Gordon Charles Alchemists would cover all sectors of the global economy as in the era of the pandemic experienced by the whole world, many people have lost their jobs or are unemployed >>, emphasises the person in charge of the pioneering action of the UK employment company.
The birth of Gordon Charles Alchemists
In order to implement her idea, she shared it with the Managing Director of Gordon Charles, Mr. Nicholas Charles. And given the difficult economic conditions in which companies are called upon to respond to the global market due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their respective operations, they decided not to waste time but to transform the idea into action, with the least possible cost. So, on 30 November 2020, Gordon Charles Alchemists launched its own YouTube channel and its own social media page (Facebook, Instagram).
The competitive advantage of Gordon Charles Alchemists
This innovative action of the British employment company is extremely demanding and time consuming at present and this is because, as Gordon Charles Senior Consultant Maria Tsimpiropoulou clarifies, << because this is not a simple advertisement with sending just a CV and a photo to employers, we expect from the participants in Gordon Charles Alchemists to send us video presentations which take a little extra time to put together.
In order to gain the knowledge on how they can create their own video presentation, we put together some ready-made guidelines and sample of videos, outlining the steps they should follow to create their own video presentation, thus gaining a competitive advantage over other candidates. I can tell you without exaggeration that an employer who will receive a plethora of CVs for their advertised job position/s will definitely focus their attention on the CV which also includes a video presentation of the candidate as from that they can get a first “feel” of the candidate which can overall help them on the selection process.
This global originality of Gordon Charles Alchemists proves, according to the evidence, that rewards are already being reaped. People who have already sent their video presentation to Gordon Charles Alchemists, and as a result have found work in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc. >>, says Mrs. Davies without hiding her joy for this success.

She quickly points out that video adverts of both employees and employers are beginning to be seen as a trend in the global job market, with a large number of clients asking potential employees to enrich their CVs with video presentations. This fact should not go unnoticed, as over time the number of employers who will want to see video-presentations and not just an impersonal resume will increase.

This new trend in the international job market is being adopted by more than 300 Gordon Charles Alchemists video-presentations that adhere to the terms of privacy as “we must be legally covered to use the employee’s video”, says the Senior Consultant of Gordon Charles.
The Radical Diary of a Foodie
Although the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic postponed the implementation of Gordon Charles’ pioneering actions, nevertheless the always “anxious” and constantly ready Maria Davies in good cooperation with Maria Tsimpiropoulou launched in October 2020 this being their second radical project.
This is the Diary of a Foodie which, as its name eloquently predisposes, is directly related to food. To be precise and as the person in charge of the Diary of a Foodie Mrs. Maria Davies points out << because food is an international language that can motivate in “bringing people together”, I wanted as a hobby initially to record in a way a diary of the experiences I gained visiting hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.  and to give it a professional breath, creating an innovative service that no other employment company has.
So in order to make it known, highlight and promote the work of some former candidates who asked for the assistance of Gordon Charles in order to find a better career opportunity in the past and succeeded at that,  in the Diary of a Foodie the Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Sommeliers, Mixologists etc. tell us their own story-experience, write their own recipes and have been allocated weekly and bi-weekly food & drink columns.
Among them are Vassilis Lalas, Andres Sossa, Paola Lovisetti, Nikos and Maria Kontogiannatou, Giannis Tsagkalos, Dimitris Chatzitheodorou, Tommy Christopoulou, Kostas Karvelis, Kostas Koufalis, Manos Demetzos, Minas Kotoulas, Nikos Lempidakis, Nikos Chatzikyriakos, Denis Paras, Kostis Kritikos and Alvi Vrushi >>.
In addition to the gastronomy professionals, the Diary of a Foodie “is also addressed to amateurs, but lovers of food, mixology, wine, etc. and we look forward to hosting their own special personal experience or recipe”, adds Mrs. Tsimpiropoulou.

She mentions that << the Diary of a Foodie has a great impact and response to those who are professionally or amateur when it comes to gastronomy, has more than 3,800 members on its Facebook page, while we aim to develop it into a blog and a channel that will contribute to the creation and promotion of new trends in the fields of gastronomy, beverage, wine, etc.

It is worth noting that both pioneering projects require lots of hard work in both now and in the future from Mrs. Davies and Ms. Tsimpiropoulou who are perfectly adapted to the current challenging work environment, the resources available and the new media and are working tirelessly so Gordon Charles’ global prototypes become widely known to employers and employees around the world.